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Veteran ♦ Father ♦ Small Businessman

A Trusted Voice For Glen Burnie’s Families

Many of you already know me from my martial arts school in Glen Burnie, in District 2. I started the school to benefit the people of this great community, because I believe that we all play a part however big or small in Anne Arundel County`s success. The fact that you are here today means that you feel the same way, too.

Thank you!

Volunteer and Help Noel Smith win District 2 County Council!

If you elect Noel Smith for the County Council in District 2:

He will work TIRELESSLY, HONESTLY, and COMPREHENSIVELY for this community, so that it can fulfill its potential and thereby help each of its residents fulfill theirs.

Noel Smith will NOT bow down to pressure OR take the easy way out when the going gets tough – because it will.

Noel Smith is ready and is confident that you are to. We are going to have to fight for what we BELIEVE in, fight for what is RIGHT, fight for what we all DESERVE, and fight for what we all love.

The time for excuses was yesterday. The time for change is now!

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Teamwork leads to Victory for All!

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It takes a great deal of teamwork today to impact the level of changes we need. You don’t have to commit now, just keep an eye open for a time when you can give a few minutes to help out. We’d love to have you join us!

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